Robin Barata is a French-Brasilian Industrial Designer currently living and working in San Francisco. After spending years working at a Design studio in Paris he co-founded his first company Prynt and worked as both an Industrial Designer and Design Director. Through this experience he has refined his design, manufacturing and management skills.


● PRYNT remains the most successful French Kickstarter campaign with over $1.5m funding on the platform.

● PRYNT Pocket has more than 60M views on Youtube, Facebook etc. was exposed at the Design Museum in London and featured in numerous Design books and Magazines around the world.

● Winner of the Paris Art Science Prize in Partnership with Harvard University :
The project which was about hydration, was presented and showcased at Harvard University (2012).

● Memowrist conceptual project showcased at the following exhibits in Paris:
- Futur en Seine exhibit (2012)
- Accenture showroom (2012)
- Dassault Systèmes showroom (2012)

● LATTOOG Studio furniture published in several national magazines (Brazil).

● National finalist of the French Ballantine’s competition (2008) : Creation of the advertising campaign of the brand - Reflection around the glass bottle and the whiskey